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Searching for a Good Night Sleep?


Why is sleep so important?

It’s actually a no brainer if you think about it, your body requires some down time to repair and replenish, and because of this a lot of vital work takes place when we are at the deepest level of sleep. Obviously the quality & time spent asleep are all factors that are very important. When we don’t get it, it affects our mind and body, energy levels, metabolic function and mental clarity & stability.

How would you define quality sleep?

Quality sleep requires your mind to have switched off completely, to have had a rested sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed. Sleep is divided into cycles, each lasts about 90 minutes and the best sleep requires 4-5 full cycles. In terms of hours it’s somewhere between 7-9. Each phase is different, phase one being the lightest, the bit between wakefulness and sleep. Stage 2 is vital for alertness and gives your energy a boost (think power nap). Stage 3 and 4 relate to slow wave sleep, very important for enzyme regeneration, rebuilding proteins, healing and immune functions. If you wake in the middle of one of these phases, you’ll feel quite groggy.

What are the most common sleep issues and how can you overcome them?

One of the most common causes of poor sleep is stress, where our nervous systems are stuck in fight or flight with a racing mind. Interrupted sleep means that you never get down to phase 3-4 where all the replenishment happens, you get stuck at phase 1, the lightest phase. The truth is we’ve rearranged our natural sleep rhythm and in the world we live in, getting sufficient sleep is hard. We’re addicted, we don’t like to stop what we’re doing and go to sleep. Our sleep ability has been altered, often you may naturally feel sleepy around 6.30-7.30pm, perhaps take a nap or more likely push through. We’ve tampered and extended these natural cycles and begun tricking our body into functioning on too little sleep, in fact some are even boastful about this capacity. Tackle signs of stress with Therapie’s The Me Time Kit, a perfect combination of Himalayan Detox Salts, Restore Aura Spray & Pure Natural Candle.

Stress can be a major factor…

Over extension, over saturation and unrealistic deadlines all contribute. By and large the culprit is your sympathetic nervous system and part of our autonomic nervous system. Sadly this unruly child has a mind of its own and we, no conscious control over it. Because it controls essential functions like sleep, hormonal balance, digestion and immunity when you’re stressed the sympathetic dominates these functions commandeering these energy resources to support the fight and flight response, like a rogue virus it over-rides all other requirements.

Top tips on how to drift off peacefully…

Learn to switch off, both mentally and digitally. Get involved in some grounding like cooking, sewing, knitting sounds old school but maybe some wisdom to be gained here – they don’t engage thinking. Some down time with your partner, trade a foot massage. Breathing is a simple way to disconnect from the mental whir. Keep a window open for cool air if the body is too hot, especially the brain, as this stops the mind from switching off. Don’t sleep with devices in your room as they keep on transmitting and effect your own electromagnetic balance, interrupting your sleep.

Step up your bedtime routine with Therapie…

Your wind down should begin from the moment you get back from work. The transition from work to home can be marked with a warm shower or a bath to shed the stresses of the day, better still go to our shop and search the wellbeing tab for some great products to help you drift off.