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We found this hilarious when reading this in the Daily Mail recently! From separating eyelashes with a PIN to bathing in olive oil, super stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did back in the day to keep their beauty regime up. (We think most of them are best left in the past!) ELIZABETH TAYLOR To achieve baby soft skin, it’s said that Elizabeth exfoliated her face with a razor instead of a facial scrub. MARILYN MONROE Washed her eyes

Home Spa ‘Me Me Me time’ Spa Gift Pack. Price £75.50


This pack contains 3 items: Serenity Candle 3-Wick Large (400grm) 8% essential oils Be restored and calmed by the Serenity blend. The citrus, yet warm fragrance of Lemongrass will energise your mind and body whilst at the heart of this blend, the exotic floral beauty that is Neroli, will serve to restore your emotions and soothe away stress. Let the warm, calming breeze of our Serenity range both revive and relax you. Sourcing nature’s finest soy and beeswax to make

Mums to be (Pre, During & Post pregnancy) Spa Gift Package. Price £46.50


THIS PACKAGE CONTAINS 3 PRODUCT ITEMS: SCULPTED SILHOUETTE ANTI-CELLULITE BODY SERUM (WORKS ON STRETCH MARKS TOO) 50ML Boosts circulation and metabolism|Disperses fatty deposits|Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite|Firms, tones & recontours the skin|Stimulates lymph flow|Reduces fluid retention This serum provides an intense hit of cellulite-busting treatment to tighten the skin, tone problem areas & redefine body contours. An energetic blend of caffeine-rich Guarana, Lemon extract and Butcher’s Broom boost circulation and increase metabolism. Ginseng and Horsetail tightens the skin, toning and contouring the

Skin-spiration for Winter Spa Gift Package. Price £65


PACKAGE INCLUDES 3 ITEMS: 1. RENEWED RADIANCE BOOSTING SERUM 50ml Anti-ageing | Promotes healing effect on damaged skin tissue | Boosts cell regeneration | Hydrates & nourishes the skin Using 100% natural antioxidants. This serum contains Olive Oil combined with anti-ageing Padina Pavonica & antioxidant Vitamin C which provides an intensive treatment that nourishes the skin. By stimulating the synthesis of collagen in the skin, skin tone is evened & firmed. 2. RENEWED RADIANCE ENERGIZING CLEANSER 250ml Fights the signs of ageing | Helps heal

Do you sleep on your Stomach or Side? It can cause Facial Wrinkles!


Did you know this? Well well well we read a very interesting article in the Beauty Professional Magazine who claims that according to researchers who have looked into compression during sleep can result in wrinkles and facial expansion. ‘Sleep wrinkles’ are influenced by the amount of time we sleep in certain positions. According to recent studies, if you lay on your side or stomach, facial tissue is subject to shear compression and tensile mechanical forces as the skin is stretched