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The $26,500 lip look – Really?


So we had to blog about this article we read recently, where make up artist Vlada Haggerty adhered more than 80 diamonds (about 6.5 carats) to a model’s lips over the course of an hour to create the living art piece. In total, the diamonds were worth about $26,500. The transformation was done in celebration of the launch of Smashbox’s Be Legendary Liquid Metals and the Be Legendary Liquid Pigments. The make-up pro’s stamp is all over the collection, and it

Searching for a Good Night Sleep?


Why is sleep so important? It’s actually a no brainer if you think about it, your body requires some down time to repair and replenish, and because of this a lot of vital work takes place when we are at the deepest level of sleep. Obviously the quality & time spent asleep are all factors that are very important. When we don’t get it, it affects our mind and body, energy levels, metabolic function and mental clarity & stability. How

Do you want free beauty samples?


We read that Amazon let slip that they’re giving away free samples of select beauty products! Who doesn’t love a good freebie, and this way it means you can try before you buy – genius! If you need some new hair products, make-up and skincare samples then start browsing now. There is one catch though (obviously!) you do have to be an Amazon Prime member to get your Prime samples, ha. We don’t think that’s a problem seeing as they



Faces are supposed to be roadmaps to the soul. But soothsayers and mystics look to the palms of our hands to map out our lives. Hands are symbolic, even in the business world where, however much business people might scorn the arcane connotations, a handshake is still a sign of good faith. From a cosmetic point of view, age spots, textural changes, wrinkles and loss of fat padding all contribute to make hands a giveaway to a youthful face.  Read



Sometimes it’s very hard to choose from a palette of lip-colours: you know what colours you love, but do they suit you? And does the colour you wear work hard enough for your face, making your lips seem fuller or smaller? Here are 3 simple tips to remember… 3 WAYS TO MAKE LIPSTICK WORK HARDER FOR YOU 1. Dark, intense shades of lipstick will make narrow lips appear even narrower. Stick to paler shades if your lips are on the