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There’s no shortage of exfoliators on the market – everywhere you look there are different ones from exotic body polishers with a scent that evokes island vacations and rich blends of sugar and salt crystals in skin-softening aromatic oils. And while the need for a scrub down against weather-bitten winter skin needs no explanation, the joys of a pre-and-post summer holiday scrub can be rewarding too. Max up the benefits of a buffer by matching it to your skin. Here’s the science:



The humble eyebrow has somewhat transformed in recent years. Your brows are now seen as a major makeup statement. Natural, sleek, bushy or bold – whatever your preference, if you’re lacking in the brow department or want to up your brow game with the most simple solution…then we have the answer at Spa by Car powered by Myshowcase. Shaping up: Take a pencil or makeup brush and hold it from the corner of the nose straight up, this is where your brows

Tips: Autumn 2017 Make-Up Trend For Your Zodiac Sign


We do tend follow the trend now and then 😉 and decided to share what we found as this could be amazingly accurate. Read on to see what you should be flaunting this Autumn. Aries: Liquid black eyeliner, opt for super smudge-proof. Taurus: Apply the lashes and make it obvious that you’re batting your eyes. Gemini: Glitter shadow south of the lash line. Cancer: Gemstone brows are so it for you. Leo: Red eye shadow Virgo: Bright colours—oranges, turquoise and

Did you know Zinc is called the beauty vitamin? Here’s why.


We read recently that Zincs key functions are for keeping skin, hair, teeth and nails healthy, not to mention the functioning of our libidos and immune systems. Signs that you need more zinc in your diet are as follows: Loss of hair: Zinc is essential to good cellular replication and protein absorption and these functions are essential to thick, glossy hair. Brittle nails with white spots on them: This could mean you’re lacking but if you start to up your

How to enjoy a winter bubble bath – a bath a day keeps the dr away!

bubble bath

There’s nothing like those winter bubbles to keep you in survival mode and warm, so we have gathered some tips on how to take it to the next level, and turn your bath time into your own home spa haven! First off you need a bath tray that runs along either side, this is useful to stand your glass of vino, ipad where you can watch your latest show, a scented candle of your choice – and voila you’re livin’