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Home >> The Spa By Car Buzz >> Rose Oil Massage AT HOME with Spa by Car

Rose Oil Massage AT HOME with Spa by Car

I didn’t think last weekend would pan out as it did… I was also treated to one of the best….In the comfort of my own bedroom!

Claire-Marie from Spa by Car rocked up to my flat in perfect time on Sunday….armed with all the equipment she needed to work her magic on my tired and stressed body.

I gave her a few minutes in my room to set up her workstation and when I walked in, my room sounded, looked and smelled like a spa. It was magical! …..

Spa by Car is great. Claire-Marie is great. I loved it and I would highly recommend, particularly if it will help you by fitting around your busy schedule. I know where I’ll be going, or should I say ‘be staying’, for my massages in the future……

Thanks to Life's Loves Blog (Sarah Kemp)
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